It all started in 1991 when Mr. André Chamaillard decided to enter a community college program, for an accreditation as a certified driving instructor.

Following his apprenticeship with Technic Driving School in the Ottawa region, Mr. Chamaillard was offered the opportunity to join forces and become founding partner of a driving school, which officially opened its doors in the Hawkesbury region in the fall of 1992. Mr. Chamaillard quickly developed a solid reputation in the industry as a reliable resource in the specialized field of driving education.

As a result of several successful years in this new venture, Mr. Chamaillard decided in 1997, with his business partner of the time, to create two sole operations with unique ownerships. During that same period, Mr. Chamaillard’s vision to expand his new operation in Eastern Ontario was timely and he strategically decided to expand his business even further by taking ownership of Data Driving School (Rockland area) and Loyale Driving School (Alfred area) in the spring and fall of 2000.

Signature-Loyale Driving School became a reputable part of the Eastern Ontario business community in the years that followed. His dynamic entrepreneurial spirit, solid public relations abilities and drive to succeed, stood at the core of Mr. Chamaillard’s business, along with a strong set of family values and a solid commitment to serve his community.

In the spring of 2004 and in preparation for a well-deserved retirement, Mr. Chamaillard decided to pass the helm of the family business to a next generation of devoted family entrepreneurs. His son and son-in-law formed a new partnership which saw the creation of École de conduite CHAM Driving School. The family operation expanded further in the spring of 2005 by taking ownership of François Dubé Driving School in the region of Casselman and in 2015 by taking ownership of Signature Driving School in the region of Embrun.

As École de conduite CHAM Driving School enters a new era, remains at the center of its mandate a high level of ethical & business practices and standards, a strive for excellence and an on-going commitment towards the community.

In its continuous strive for excellence, current and future clients can be assured that École de conduite CHAM Driving School mission remains to provide the best driver training available on the market, while making roads safer for all!